Walk-in Chillers and Freezers

A walk-in chiller is a fabricated refrigerated unit usually around 50 to 100 square meters that maintains an ambient temperature that fit the products to be stored.

The temperature requirement will vary depending on the product that will be kept inside as each product has a different recommended temperature for storage.

Devex walk-in chiller and freezers come with a stainless steel swing door or sliding door. This usually serves as a temporary storage area before products are moved to another area. A sliding door is usually recommended so that the floor area, which would otherwise be occupied by the swinging door’s space, could be maximized.

Walk-in interior and exterior

Walk-in chillers also have a retail application such as in convenience stores. Devex walk-in chillers with glass doors act as a display unit in front with a storage area inside. Since retail environments are usually smaller than cold storage warehouses, walk-in chillers with glass doors come with either four or six glass doors depending on the size of the retail store.

Walk-in chiller in retail store application

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